Ryan Strickland, presentation of the series

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Ryan Strickland, presentation of the series. Ryan Strickland, presentation of the series written by Jennifer Hunter.

Ryan Strickland, presentation of the saga and its author.

Ryan Strickland’s story of a traumatized witness to a serial killer’s crimes is the only key to solving them in a gripping psychological novel.

Discover below the available volumes of the series as well as some words about the author.

Jennifer Hunter her short biography:

Jennifer Hunter explores the dark side of life with her Ryan Strickland thriller series. She also writes contemporary suspense and women’s fiction under the name Jennifer Ryan, a New York Times bestselling author. Her deeply emotional stories are filled with characters that draw you in, secrets, betrayal, dark intrigue, and breathtaking suspense.

Ryan Strickland Book 1

Ryan Strickland - The lost victim

The lost victim, the summary:

After his sister disappeared, FBI consultant and psychologist Ryan Strickland spent years looking for answers in an investigation gone tragically cold. But in his work, Ryan has built a reputation for getting reluctant victims to speak. A witness has been found who can identify an elusive serial killer whose crimes reach back decades. However, Olivia, the silent and scarred young woman in Ryan’s care, isn’t telling all. Yet.

As a guarded trust develops between her and Ryan, Olivia agrees to return to the nightmare from which she fled—an isolated and abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of town. Any evidence could lead authorities one step closer to finding the killer…and help fill in the missing pieces of Ryan’s own past.

But no one is prepared for what they find or for the unspeakable truths revealed in Olivia’s darkest memories.

Some readers’ opinions (Amazon):

  • I loved this book for the most part. It was an easy ready and hard to put down. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because about 3/4 into the book, it was so boring. I do understand it’s concept,but I had to skip through chapters towards the end. This book is not predictable at all and definitely was shocked at the end of it all…
  • I got this book on a whim. I was prepared to be disappointed. I mean, most of the book is about a psychologist trying b to open up a fairly non verbal victim for information about his other victims. How good could it be? Very as it turns out. I became engrossed by the interactions between the forensic psychologist and the serial killer’s abused and kidnapped victim…
  • I enjoyed this book so much. That does not happen very often with modern crime novels because many of them are nothing more than nihilistic death marches. The character of Ryan Strickland is a breath of fresh air. Instead of a degenerate burnout workaholic on his or her last chance with ‘The Brass’, Strickland is a well-respected and deeply empathetic FBI psychologist called in to work with a witness in a horrific serial killer case that he has a close connection with…

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