Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners

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Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners. Discover the summary, its content, the reviews and the direct access to the digital or paperback book.

Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners is a very practical book. It will show you what crypto is, how the crypto market works, and how to successfully trade crypto yourself.

If you are looking to understand the world of crypto and finance in general, then this book should interest you.

Jelle Peters

Jelle Peters is the author of the bestseller on currency trading, Forex for Ambitious Beginners, which has been translated into Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

Peters is a financial analyst and is regularly invited to speak at trading seminars about currency trading.

He is also the author of various non-fiction works about history — including the bestseller History That Changed the World — and has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, on CNBC, The Hill, Quartz, and other media.

Peters lives in New York.

If you are interested in crypto trading, if you have found a good decentralized trading platform because I hope for you that you have understood that centralized platforms are to be avoided, after the example of FTX. So now you might like to know more in order to optimize your earnings, that’s why we invite you to quickly discover all that this book could bring you.

Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners

Crypto Trading for ambitious beginners, the summary:

No, you haven’t missed the boat on crypto. In fact, compared to many other technological revolutions, the crypto revolution has really only just begun—and this book will show you how to get into crypto the right way.
Consider this observation about the computer revolution in the 1980s:

“Today only 15% of American homes have a computer – and the other 85% don’t seem the least bit interested. There is a general feeling that the home computer was a fad and that there is really no practical purpose for a computer in the home.” Commodore Magazine, September 1987

Only 16% of Americans traded or used cryptocurrency in 2021, while global ownership of crypto was less than 4%.

In other words, there is still a long way to go before large-scale adoption of what many think is the money of the future.

Of course, the smart money a.k.a. Wall Street knows this too.

According to The Wall Street Journal, institutional investors traded $1.14 trillion worth of crypto on crypto exchange Coinbase in 2021, up from just $120 billion the year before.

You think they’d pile into crypto if they believed it was just a fad?

Twenty years from now you’ll beat yourself over the head that you didn’t get in yourself when you had the chance.

And you do have the chance. You just have to take it. And this book tells you exactly how to do it.

Written by the author of the forex bestseller Forex For Ambitious Beginners, and the founder of CryptoAcademy, Crypto Trading for Ambitious Beginners is a highly practical guide on how to successfully trade cryptocurrencies yourself.
We’ll show you how to look past the hype and pick the coins with true potential.

Crypto for Ambitious Beginners is crammed with must-have tips & tricks on how to trade crypto successfully.

It will show you how to:

  • Spot promising coins
  • Avoid crypto scams — yes, they do exist
  • Protect your positions against market volatility
  • Increase the yield on your crypto assets—yield farming can make you tens of percents extra; dont miss out on it
  • Find a trading strategy that works for you—whether you have a full-time job or want to trade full time, we have a crypto trading strategy for you
  • Determine good entry and exit moments—we will show you the best ways to get in and out of positions
  • Avoid a lot of beginner mistakes
  • How to safely buy and store coins

And of course we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about blockchain, smart contracts, DeFi, on-chain analysis, and much, much more.

Direct access to the book

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